Friedrich R Douwes MD

Dr. Friedrich R. Douwes has dedicated his life to the treatment of cancer patients. He studied medicine in Switzerland and Germany, receiving his Board Certification in Internal Medicine in 1975.  He finished a residency in haematology and oncology at the Hahneman University in Philadelphia, USA.  
He became the Medical Director of Sonnenberg Hospital in Bad Sooden-Allendorf.  A Center for oncology, haematology, immunology and oncological rehabilitation.  There, dissatisfied with the results of conservative cancer treatment, Dr. Douwes developed his integrative holistic cancer therapy concept.  Sonnenberg Hospital still follows Dr. Douwes' concept as do for instance the Veramed Hospitals in Brannenburg and Meschede.

Dr. Douwes did not rest on his laurels he continued his active work and research on cancer therapies. He became the specialist for hyperthermia treatment (whole body, loco-regional and urethral prostate).  The Oncotherm radio-wave hypertermia treatment he helped to develop heats the entire prostate without harming the healthy tissue. With his cancer prostate treatment protocol Dr. Douwes has treated thousands of prostate cancer patients from all over the world, many from  Canada and the USA, reaching an almost 100% success rate without the side effects of urinary dysfunctions and impotence.  

For more than 40 years now Dr. Douwes actively sees and treats cancer patients with a combination of conventional and complementary therapies. For the past 20 years as the Medical Director of St. George Hospital in Bad Aibling, that under his leadership has reached international status. Cancer patients from all over the world (USA,  Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Russia/Belarus, Israel, European Union) come to be treated at St. George Hospital.

He is active in many aspects of cancer care and research. For many years he has been the first Chairman of the Friends of integrated cancer therapy – A charitable organization.  He is the President of the German Society for Oncology (DGO) and the founding member of the German Society for GfBK and hyperthermia (DGHT).
He organizes seminars and conferences for physicians and therapist with focus on biological cancer treatments. In 2011 he organized the first International Congress for Complementary Oncology, this will become a yearly returning event with a variety of international guest speakers that focus on an integrative approach for prevention, treatment and healing of cancer.

Dr. Douwes is also a well sought after international lecturer at seminars and conferences.  
Numerous films about Dr. Douwes’ work have been made and shown on television. The film " Life with Cancer" by Mrs. M. Linke was an award winning project. The Norwegian Television
broadcasted a 45 minutes film about his work with the cancer patients. In addition, many national and international reports appeared on German television, but also on B.TV, focus TV, ABC/USA, Hungarian TV, etc.).

He has authored countless scientific papers not only in German, but also international medical journals,  i.e. Biological Medicine, Internal Journal of Clinical Oncology, Alternative Medicine,  Journal for alternative Complementary Therapy, New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet, Excerpta Medica, etc. and several books.

In 2011 in cooperation with the Steinbeis Business Academy Dr. Douwes developed the International School of Integrative Medicine which starting in 2012 will offer a Master of Science in Integrative Medicine Study.

But more than anything else that sets him apart is his warm and compassionate manner with his patients. This compared with his abundant knowledge about cancer makes him an unique individual who you will want on your side to battle your cancer.